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Photographs from the Sourisseau collection

Civil Records and City Directories

The collection includes a small number of both original and copies of documents relating to the city of San José and the County of Santa Clara. The photocopies are part of the Edith Corinne Smith Collection and were acquired as part of a research project in the 1990s. They do not represent a complete collection of documents.

City of San José

  • San José City Building Permits, 1920-1931: includes an Index to the City of San José Building Permits, 1920-1929
  • San José, California, Government Documents, 1792-1859: A collection of copies of documents relating to civil and military communications written by the Spanish government of San José during the years 1792 to 1848, translated from Spanish into English. Included in the collection is an index to the collection of Spanish materials owned by the City of San José.
  • San José City Directories: a broken series from 1870-1979
  • San José Death Certificates (Oak Hill): Photocopies of the volume "Certificates of Death: Aug 5, 1862- Feb 3, 1869"

County of Santa Clara

  • Santa Clara County Cattle Brands, 1850s-1920s: A collection of 31 scraps of leather and wood with the brands of local ranchers burned into them. The brands were registered at the Santa Clara County Courthouse between 1850 and 1920.
  • Santa Clara County Coroner's Reports: Bound photocopies of volumes of reports: 1891-1898, 1898-1904, and 1904-1907

Mission Records

  • Mission San José baptism and marriage records, 1850: Photocopies of baptism records from May-Dec 1850; and marriages records from Oct-Nov 1850
  • Mission San José de Guadalupe Registers, 1849-1900: Photocopies of baptism records: 1849-1875; marriage records: 1849-Jan.1900 (2 copies); confirmation records: 1851 (2 copies)
  • Mission Santa Clara baptism, marriage and burial records, 1850: Photocopies of baptism, marriage and burial records, 1850

Rancho Documents

  • Rancho de las Animas, Abstract of Title (1869). Made at the request of William Matthews, regarding Rancho de las Animas, formerly owned by Josepha Romera, widow of José Mariano Castro. Present-day Gilroy is located within these lands.
  • Rancho Laguna de Tache, Abstract of Title (late 1800s)
  • Rancho Potrero de Santa Clara
    • AB Miner Property, Abstract of Title (1888). Formerly this land was part of Stockton Ranch and Potrero de Santa Clara.
    • Froment's Survey, Lots 1, 2, and 5. Abstract of Title (1889). Made at the request of William Matthews, by Pomeroy & Howe, regarding former lands of the Stockton Ranch and the Rancho El Potrero de Santa Clara. Property bounded by Autumn St., the Alameda, Stockton Av., and Montgomery St.